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A story that begins with a little boy and a lawnmower can go a couple of ways.  Boy discovers the reward of a hard day's work and the value of a dollar (think his boy Elroy).  Boy mangles hand and arm in a violent spray of blood and bones (think The Munsters).  Or, if you're Jake, the story ends with the boy ripping the mower apart to build a hot rod go cart, leaving Jake's mom to finally admit that she 'had an artist on her hands'. Not to say that Jake's art doesn't have a bit of Elroy and a bit of guts and gore in it, too.  Throw in a little rockabilly, some rat rods, a pod of pin up girls, and a passion for salvaging pre’64 cars that are beyond hope of full restoration, and you get Jake's Chop Shop. Dad  Jake’s dad gave up his dream of owning a junkyard to be a prominent doctor and scientist, but always had junk cars around the house.  Just being near the old cars was enough to ease dad’s frustrations, but it wasn’t enough for Jake.  Jake needed a weapon and a victim, so dad gave him a sledgehammer and a GMC truck. Jake’s Chop Shop  The roots of Jake’s Chop Shop began to grow in the most unlikely of gardens - a funeral parlor in Baltimore.  Perhaps the living arrangements had something to do with the development of Jake’s grisly artistic sensibilities, too.  I mean, what would you do in a house where the kitchen was the embalming room, and your bedroom was the hearse garage. Well, you’d build a music and vintage clothing store in the chapel, of course.  And when you were ready to evolve your work, you’d paint your Moto Guzzi in the middle of the viewing room.  After working in an auto body shop in North Carolina, Jake figured he’d rather be working for himself, and opened his own shop Richmond, specializing in pre-’64 customs.  Busted cherry auto body. He used to run ads with no address or phone number.  Just the logo. “If you don’t know where to find me, you don’t need to. ” For cherries that were busted beyond repair, he started converting rear ends (of cars, of course) into restaurant booths.  Inspired, he built and furnished his own restaurant, fireballs. Jake showed up on the scene in Tempe, AZ with 5 cats, a ’50 ford coupe and Moto Guzzi then began converting rusted out rigs into furniture art. Over the years, Jake has built furniture and other creations for a local and national clientele including; The Vans Cup, International Motocross Freestyle Championships, Fender, and several clubs. The only way to get an authentic Jake’s Chop Shop experience is to check it out.   The shop is packed with the rare, the unusual, the funky and the inspired.

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